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Melancholy: A battle to outlive

Whenever you're suffering or experiencing depression what do you do? How did you know that it is depression that you're going through? How did the people around you interact with you whenever you're depressed? Do you know whenever a person suffers from such thing? How do you treat him/her?

Whenever a person suffers from depression he/ she might be feeling low all the time, can be uninterested in doing anything even when it comes to his/her favorite things. A person can feel like he/she is just a trash or a waste of space in this world. Person with this problem often feels like no one loves him/her. A person with depression often feels alone too. Thinks that he/she wants to die even if they just want to disappear even just for a moment. According to them it feels like they're inside a deep hole and they can't get up or there's this hole inside of them that they want to remove but unfortunately they can’t. You'll often see some of these people staring off in space and suddenly they'll get teary eyed or a tear will suddenly roll down their cheek. They'll feel like they're losing their minds too.

Unfortunately, a person with this mental health problem is often called by the people surrounding him/her as "OA" "Drama King/ Queen" not knowing that that person is going through something. That is one of the cause that can lead to depression. The people around them have a great impact to what they are feeling. Bullying is one. Parents can also be one of the causes. Their high expectations might bring their kids depression, or their kids saw them fighting. A person with depression often overthinks problems. Social media can also be a triggering part especially these days we can see posts like "the perfect body" or "are you beach body ready?" on the internet and that would make then think leas of who they are because of not being able to reach the limit society made for us.

So if your friend or child suddenly became aloof reach out. Talk to them, make them feel you love them.  Even if they push you away don’t let them feel that they're alone. It can be hard for them to tell people about how they really feel but with hard work you might get them into talking about it. You can also advice them in going or consulting a psychologist, tell them there's nothing to be afraid or ashamed of that.  You can also advice them to go to church every now and then. Open up to God about how they're feeling because there is no greater doctor than God.

To the people with depression, you are not alone. We're all in this together, you have us by your side. Don't ever let people or this society make you feel less of who you are. Because they can never be you, there's no better you than the you that you are. They can't roll like you do. Don't let them get to you. Always know that there are people who love you. Stay strong! Keep smiling

Always smile and don't judge, people. Every people has a problem we know nothing about. Keep smiling even by just smiling you can lift up someone's day!

Khylle Aiallel De Guzman, Grade 10 - Section 1 

"Awareness: Why we should know current news?

Teenagers nowadays are busy, with things that makes their lives miserable. Gadgets, social network, and relationships are the quite examples of those things. Their eyes are just only looking at these things. But of course, like what our parents saying, there are more important things we should prioritize first. Like studying, the key to success. But aside from this, we also need to be aware on what's happening inside our country.
Before, Television, newspaper, and radio are the only ways to get the latest information and to know current issues inside our country. But in this generation, we are lucky because it's actually easy to gather latest information. But we don't appreciate this opportunity for us. Instead of using our cellphones, computers and other gadgets for our own happiness, why don't we use these in a better way and can make us a productive citizen of our country. We all know that our parents are always watching news on television, reading newspaper, and listening at radio and we don't know why they're doing it. But what if, we as a teenager have the hobby of this like what our parents do. "
We read the news because it's our duty as citizens. We have the privilege of voting, and of participating in the governance of our country, and we take that task seriously, John Stuart Mill said, an English philosopher, political economist and civil servant. As a citizen of our country, we have the responsibility on this task. We should be aware on what's happening inside and outside our country. And like what we've said, we are all lucky because where having a great technology where we can gather news easier. If you're not aware, how could you move outside? How could you give opinions without knowledge? You are not productive then.
Listening, reading, and watching news is just easy, we must do this things always, and make it as our hobby. As a youth, the hope of our country, we must be aware. Time will come, that we have a great power because we all have our opinion. And many times, opinion and suggestion is the key to solve cases for our country. We should be that key, and let's be that productive citizen of this generation.

Angelou O. Lucero, Grade 10 - Section 1